Leeda 12ft Coarse Outfit

Size: 12ft Coarse Outfit
Sale price£49.99


The perfect kit for getting started in angling, this 12ft rod and preloaded reel comes complete with all the correct terminal tackle you need, all supplied in a small tackle box. This kit also contains an instruction booklet to help new anglers learn and progress in their fishing.

Strong Fishing Rod

The 12ft, 3-piece match rod is sturdy, well-balanced and light, with a good bend. It comes with lined ring guides and an EVA duplon foam handle. The screw lock reel seat has rubber holders for securing the included reel. It’s all finished with a matte black finish that won’t bounce off sunlight and scare off the fish. You can get this same kit with a 10ft rod instead of 12ft.

Reel with Fishing Line Already Attached

Preloaded with a 4lb fishing line, the reel is smooth and strong. It’s also reversible, so you can wind the line back in with your preferred hand. At size 30, it’s perfect for beginners targeting small fish species.

Pre-Tied Fishing Hooks

Tying hooks couldn’t be easier, since this kit comes with a packet of hooks to nylon. The hooks come pre-attached to the nylon, which has a loop on the end, making it easy to tie to the fishing line. These hooks are unbarbed and size 18, perfect for small freshwater fish.Leeda

Adjustable Casting Weight

The Course Outfit comes with a plummet, so you can check the depth of the water. Then you can set as many shots as you need for extra weight. The shots come in a dispenser with 6 divisions for easy access to different weights.

Fishing Made Easy

Attach one of the 5 included waggler floats and you can cast away while keeping an eye on where your bait is. The floats are all clear, producing less of a shadow that might scare off the fish. While fishing, you can leave the rod in the included rest.

Land Your First Fish

When you’ve landed your fish, you can remove the hook with the included disgorger. To make this process even easier, you might want to consider a landing net and an unhooking mat, which are both sold separately from the Coarse Outfit.

Full Contents:

1 x 3-piece float rod (12ft) – also available in 10ft

1 x Size 30 reel with 4lb line already installed

1 x Packet of size 18 unbarbed hooks to nylon

1 x Rod rest

5 x Clear waggler floats

1 x Plummet

1 x 6 Division shot dispenser

1x Disgorger

1 x Accessory carry case

1 x Bait box

1 x Cloth bag

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