Drennan Alan Scotthorne AS1 Pole Float

Size: 0.2g 1.5mm Tip
Sale price£2.45


AS1 and AS2 are the first new families of pole floats designed and developed with five times world champion Alan Scotthorne.

Each family has six sizes ranging from 0.1 g to 0.6g Both have thickened 0.6mm spring stainless wire stems which act as a keel for improved stability compared to carbon or glass. The stem is bonded half way into the bulbous body to improve float balance and behaviour without adding unnecessary weight and detracting from buoyancy. Alan has been using these models extensively and is happy that the larger diameter stems can withstand plenty of abuse from catching big carp. All floats are remarkably concentric, with little or no misalignment of stem and tips to body.

There is only a subtle difference in body shape between the two sets but importantly, both have hollow, buoyant glow tips of different diameters, the AS 1 at 1.5mm diameter and the AS2s at 1.75mm. lt's this differential in tip diameter which is critical to bite detection, visibility and to the size of bait being supported. Glow tips on AS pole floats are reinforced through the section where they join the body. This strengthens the hollow buoyant tip at a critical point and provides an extra strong foundation for the eye.

Both sets have a new style stainless steel wire eye mounted right at the base of the tip. This is not only a mechanically strong position but it avoids piercing the paint- work on the float body and the risk of water logging. This style of side eye has become popular but there's an important difference on the AS floats: they are ultra light weight and the eye is formed with a full circle loop to protect the line. Other models often have too many unnecessary coils wrapped around the tip, in bright stainless wire and a simple U shaped loop which can cause line damage. The AS pole float loops are blackened stainless steel to match the body, giving a more distinct demarcation line to the glow tip so bites are easier to spot!

The bodies are in light grade balsa which is very buoyant compared to foam, so the floats are significantly smaller. Alan was surprised at just at how small our .4g was in comparison to other foam-bodied models in .4g. The AS balsa bodies are then coated in a new, extremely tough acrylic paint ensuring a strong, shell-like protection.

Continental Style shotting equivalents:
4x 10 = 0. 1g
4 x 12 = 0.225g
4 x 14 = 0.359
4 x 16 = 0.5g

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