Drennan Barbless Silverfish Pellet Hooks To Nylon

Size: Size 20 to 2.8lb
Sale price$3.33


8 Barbless hooks tied to 25cm of extra strong, low diameter mono.

Available in sizes 14 to 20.

Size 14 - Barbless 14's are the most popular size as they are ideal for such a wide range of baits. Single or double pellet, sweetcorn, bread, worm segments and meat all sit correctly and fish perfectly on this size and pattern.

Size 16 - This is a relatively fine guage wire for a wide gape size 16 but the bend is a mechanically strong shape and the 0.40mm guage wire is heavily forged for extra strength. Ideal for soft pellet and worm segments etc.

Size 18 - In 0.36mm guage wire, this 19 combines awide gape with a medium shank so the hook can be virtually buried inside a pellet. The wide gape also allows double maggot or caster to sit perfectly, so few silverfish are lost.

Size 20 - These size 20 have a long curved needle point for hooking and holding and are just wide enough in the gape to fish a small pellet. Being relatively fine in the wire, they are also ideal for maggot and caster.

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