Wychwood Brookman Net

NAME: Brookman Net
Sale price£39.99


A highly portable, deep pan net that can be clipped to a ‘D’ ring and accessed at a moment’s notice in any river fishing situation.

This new Brookman net is a welcome addition to the impressive Wychwood net range. The robust frame features a non-fish scaring matt finish, this coupled with the dark rubber mesh net bag means it is the ideal choice in challenging fishing situations.

The extra long, grooved handle offers exceptional grip even with wet hands.

A very deep net bag means that fish can’t escape in fast-water fishing situations.

For ease of use and mobility the net can be hung from the back of a jacket or waistcoat thanks to a handy in-built net clip.

  • Extra long grooved handle
  • Non fish scaring matt net frame
  • Very deep net bag for added security in fast water
  • Easily transported for supreme mobility

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