Nash Bait Citruz Pop Ups White

Size: Pop Ups White 15mm
Sale price£6.99


These white pop ups contain the popular Citruz formula. They’re needle friendly and ultra-buoyant since they’re made from Nash’s Airball mix. Every tub of pop ups also comes with a 3ml bottle of Citruz Booster Spray.

Perfect Buoyancy

These dedicated pop ups, in your choice of 12mm or 15mm diameters, are rolled using Nashbait's legendary, needle-friendly, ultra-buoyant Airball mix. They’re perfect for chods and stiff rigs.

Excellent Fish Attraction

A blend of fruit esters, essential oils and Talin attractors creates an aromatic compound that carp love. Every tub of pop ups also includes a 3ml Citruz Booster Spray for adding more flavour.

Hi-Attract White

Also available in two shades of pink, these tubs contain all white pop ups. White is often favoured among field testers and top carp anglers, who consider it the most proven high attract colour.


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