Drennan Dacron Connectors

Size: Aqua - 4 to 6
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These pole elastic connectors slide on easily thanks to the pre-formed loops. While the braiding makes these connectors tough, the soft coating makes them easier on your line and elastic than other connectors.

Thoughtfully Designed

Dacron offers a lightweight alternative to the traditional plastic elastic connector. The tough braided material is coated to be kind to your line and elastic while staying durable. The soft beads have a large internal bore to conceal the elastic knot.

Reduces Tangles

The connectors’ stiffness pushes the main line away from the pole tip, vastly reducing wrap-over tangles when repeatedly ‘slapping’ or ‘helicoptering’ a pole rig on the surface. The rig’s extra length also reduces the chance to tangle when shipping in and out of the pole.

Easy Set Up

Each connector is mounted on a handy tube, which creates pre-formed loops. These loops make it easy to slide the connectors onto your elastic. Just use the easy-to-follow fitting instructions on the back of the packet.

The Professionals’ Choice

Dacron Connectors were designed in conjunction with Alan Scotthorne, who uses them with Drennan’s Hollow Carp Bungee Elastic, but they can also be used with solid elastic. These connectors are probably the most popular elastic-to-rig connection method among the UK’s top match anglers.

A Choice of Sizes

Drennan Dacron Connectors come in 5 sizes, all colour coded to match Drennan Bungee Elastic.

Dacron Connector Colour Size of Carp Bungee or Equivalent Elastic
Aqua F1 & Silverfish
Green 6-8
Yellow 10-12
Pink 14-16
Red 18-20


  • Lightweight, braided elastic connectors
  • Coated to protect the line and elastic
  • Internal bore in the beads to conceal the knot
  • Reduces tangles
  • Mounted in the packet to make loops for easy fitting
  • Works with hollow or solid elastic
  • Comes in 5 colour coded sizes
  • 4 in a pack

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