Mainline Baits Dedicated Base Mix Balanced Wafters 15mm

Material: Essential Cell
Sale price£7.45


The new Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Balanced Wafter hookbaits have been designed to deliver an advanced edge to the performance of your rig presentation without complexity. Simply thread a Wafter onto your chosen hair rig and allow the weight of your hook to set the slow sinking Wafter into a 'critically-balanced' position…

After a long and extensive testing period Mainline have been able to combine their unique Wafter mix with their most popular dedicated freezer bait flavours. This provides the modern day the ability to fish balanced hookbaits, poised to react to any Carp investigation – turning more bites into secure hook holds and landed fish!

Wafter/Hook Ratio:

12mm/size 8

15mm/size 6

18mm/size 4

(Guideline only - Check rigs prior to fishing. Add counterbalance where necessary as hook weights may vary)

Available in 250ml tubs available in: Cell and Hybrid.

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