Korda DF Ready Tied Carp Rigs

Size: 15lb Braid - Wide Gape 6
Sale price£2.75


Who wouldn't want to fish like Danny Fairbrass? Let's face it; the head of Korda catches more than his fair share of fish of all sizes, home and abroad. Well, as of right now, you can get one step closer, by using the Korda DF Ready Tied Carp Rig range.

These rigs have been tied to the exacting standards that Danny insists on from tried and tested components. The hair length, loop size and amount of coating stripped back are exactly as DF himself would use, allowing you to take a giant leap towards carping success!

So, what exactly is the DF rig? Well, it's the rig that Danny has refined over the past decade, tweaking it and substituting new components as better technology has become available. It's a versatile rig that can be used for straight boilie fishing or with plastic corn over the top of spodded particles. It's a great hooker that lends itself perfectly to use with critically balanced presentations, standard bottom baits or pop-ups alike (with the addition of a split shot, Sinker or Dark Matter Putty of course). It features the all time classic hook, the formidable Korda Wide Gape, with its secure beak and robust forging, coupled to the best coated braid out there, N-Trap Soft. Of course, the shrink tube is the finest Korda Safe Zone stuff, and the Rig Rings are Korda through and through. Buy a few of these rigs and it'll be as if you had Danny with you on the bank, tying your rigs for you!

There can be no finer recommendation than that, can there? The standard DF rigs are available in barbed and barbless versions, in sizes 10lb, 8lb and 6lb, and come in packaging that keeps them nice and straight and protects those all important hook points, keeping them needle sharp!

These are also available as KD rigs.

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