Korda Distance Casting Swivel Lead

Size: 2oz
Sale price£1.90


These swivel leads are unbeaten for their long casting range. The design keeps them stable, more efficient at hooking and almost invisible to fish. The favourite lead of Korda’s founder, they also come in a choice of weights.


As the name suggests, this lead is designed purely for casting long distances, thanks to the weight being distributed to the bottom.


The nose-heavy design makes this lead very stable and keeps it condensed, giving good hooking efficiency.


Finished with a camouflage coating, this lead is also fitted with a low-glare swivel. Sitting in the water, it won’t scare off fish.

Recommended by Danny Fairbrass

Old school carp angler Alan Partridge, known for his innovative thinking and long-range casting, first introduced this lead to Korda founder and former British Carp Championship winner Danny Fairbrass.

Danny now says this is his favourite style of lead, “I love fishing at range in open water and building up a baited area, fishing all three rods only feet apart. The nose-heavy shape of this lead means that it flies straight as an arrow; it just goes where you want it to go. For this type of fishing I couldn't think of using anything else!”


  • Designed for long-range casts
  • Nose-heavy design for stability
  • Good hooking efficiency
  • Brown and green camouflaged coating
  • Comes attached with a low-glare swivel

Korda Distance Casting Swivel Lead Weights

  • 2oz (56g)
  • 2.5oz (70g)
  • 3oz (84g)
  • 3.5oz (100g)

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