Drennan DMS Ventilated Bait Boxes

Size: 1 Pint
Sale price£2.45


The new Drennan ventilated bait boxes have been designed with the match and pleasure angler in mind.  Whether you use a side tray, bait waiter or both a square Bait Box is the best use of space.

Available in both one pint (0.57 litres) and three pint (1.7 litres) the new Bait Boxes come supplied with a ventilated lid to suit a range fishing baits such as maggots and worms which need to breathe, no more sweating bait escaping out of the fridge! 

These new Drennan bait box sizes are made from high quality British tooling and molded in a tough, durable polymer that won’t split and is freezer proof perfect for dead maggots.   

The Drennan DMS Pellet Strainer fits perfectly in the 3 pint Bait Box. If you are not using a side tray, there are two clever new DMS Adjustable Bait Waiters which are adjustable to take different combinations of these Bait Boxes. 


  • One pint (0.57 litres)
  • Three Pint (1.7 litres)
  • Freezer proof
  • UK Tooling
  • Ventilated lids

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