Nash Dumpy Square Pear Leads

Size: 3oz - Weed / Silt
Sale price$2.04


The most effective swivel lead hooking of all, Dumpy Square Pears concentrate maximum resistance on the hook point.

The innovative Dumpy Square Pear concentrates weight to provide improve hooking over hard bottoms in a swivel lead whilst avoiding some of the common presentation problems square in-line designs can suffer.

Although not suited to extreme range work Dumpy Square Pears cast accurately at medium to long range - the trade off being in return for vastly improved hooking. Less able to roll on sloping margins or bars Dumpy Square Pears are also invaluable when faced with riggy carp. In particular, helicopter rig users have proven great fans of this shape to enhance hooking.

Finished in the trademark Nash textured camouflage coating to suit weed and silt or gravel and clay Dumpy Square Pears also absorb liquid attractors in the coating to win extra takes when feed needs to be kept to a minimum.

Key Features:

  • Concentrated shape for exaggerated bolt effect
  • Square sided profile prevents rolling
  • Strong rolling swivel
  • Available in 1.5- 4 oz
  • Also available in round pear and flat shapes

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