Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy

Size: 1 Man Bivvy
Sale price£199.99


The EOS 1 Man Bivvy is designed to offer unrivalled value for money. This is the perfect waterproof shelter for newcomers or anglers on a tight budget. There aren’t many other bivvies on the market which come with a letterbox style door with rod retaining straps and changeable inserts at this price.

Necessary Protection

The EOS is made from an 8,000mm hydrostatic head fabric. That means the fabric was tested by being pulled tight under a 1 inch diameter sealed tube of water and after 24 hours, it withstood over 8,000mm of water before any soaked through.

This bivvy’s two-rib, pram-hood design is not just sturdy. It also offers a generous peak for extra room and even more protection from the elements.

A Range of Useful Extras

The full frame support comes supplied with the bivvy, along with a Lightweight groundsheet and heavy duty pegs, all supplied in a zipped carry bag.

There are also two rod retaining straps located at the front of the shelter. This means you can leave your rods set up and you can enjoy the bank with your hands free. These extra features are what makes the EOS such good value for money.

Customisation Options

The two-way letterbox style door with an integrated mesh insert lets you fish from inside the bivvy during fierce weather. You can also switch between the PVC and solid panel inserts for extra customisation.

During the day, especially when the weather’s good, the front of the bivvy can roll back. This converts the EOS into an open fronted shelter.


  • Khaki colour
  • 8000mm hydrostatic head fabric (100% polyester)
  • Two-rib, pram-hood design with a generous peak
  • Full frame support supplied
  • Letterbox door with integrated mesh insert plus PVC and solid panel options
  • Front rolls back to create an open fronted shelter
  • Two rod straps at the front
  • Lightweight groundsheet and heavy duty pegs supplied in a zipped carry bag
  • 2 man version also available


  • 205cm (6’9”) deep
  • 270cm (8’10”) wide
  • 140cm (4’7”) high
  • 7kg (15lb 7oz) total weight


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