Drennan Gripmesh Feeder

Size: Mini 15g
Sale price£2.15


This tough, soft and flexible cage feeder has small teeth in sets of rows. It grips tighter to the bait than other feeders can, and even breaks the bait down to the right size without requiring a groundbait binder.

Great Build Quality

This open ended mesh feeder is made from a nylon polymer. It’s tough, but also soft and flexible. It’s finished with a dark brown tint, which won’t alert the fish.

Strong Grip

The small internal teeth – of varying sizes – are all set in rows. This helps the Drennan Gripmesh Feeder grip the bait longer than other cage feeders can.

Breaks down Bait

You can use this feeder with soft/semi-dry groundbait mixes, crushed hemp, dampened pellets, expanded pellets, cubed meat, liquidised bread or chopped worm, all without a groundbait binder.


  • Open ended mesh feeder
  • Nylon polymer for toughness, softness and flexibility
  • Small internal spikes break down and grip bait

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