Mainline Baits High Impact Balanced Wafters 15mm

Material: Banoffee
Sale price£7.45


Available in seven different colours and flavours, these wafters let you create the most palatable critically balanced hookbait presentations possible. Simply thread the hookbait onto a hair rig and the weight of the rig hook will counterbalance the slow sinking buoyancy of these baits perfectly. They’re designed with reliability in mind: reliably weighted, reliably bright colours and a reliable flavour leakage.

Reliably Weighted

These wafters are buoyant enough to sit off from the bottom, but don’t float like a pop up. They sit slightly on the hair, counterbalanced by the hook. Size 6 hooks usually work best for 15mm wafters.

Reliability Bright Colours

Every flavour has its own matching colour, which is bright enough for year-round use but not so unnaturally hi vis that it scares off wary carp.

Reliable Flavour Leakage

Mainline's experience and range of palatable liquid flavours, enhancers and attractors have enabled them to give these wafters a long term, consistent flavour boost.


  • 7 different balanced flavours and colours
  • 15mm – usually works best with size 6 hooks
  • Creates critically balanced hookbait presentations
  • Slow sinking buoyancy on hair rigs
  • Suitable for critically balanced hookbait presentations
  • Long term, double strength flavour boost
  • Palatable all year round

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