Mainline Baits High Impact Hookbait Dip PVA Friendly 175ml

Material: Choc-O
Sale price£10.60


This is the perfect solution for when you need to quickly boost the attraction level of your hookbait or groundbait. The exclusive Mainline flavours are distilled into this PVA-friendly, water soluble liquid attractant.

Proven High Impact Formula

Mainline's exclusive High Impact flavours are palatable to carp in any swim. Combined with proven sweeteners and attractors, they give your hookbait a long term, consistent flavour boost. It draws fish from all levels of the water column.

Versatile – Perfect for Any Hookbait

All the liquids in this range are PVA-friendly and 100% water soluble. Unscrew the top and the wide bottle neck will let you dip boilies, big pellets, tiger nuts and other hookbaits. You can also pour it onto stick mix and groundbait.


  • 175ml (6 US fluid ounce) plastic screw top bottles
  • High Impact flavours
  • Enhances any hookbait or groundbait
  • PVA-friendly
  • 100% water soluble

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