Korda Hybrid Lead Clip Pack of 8

Colour: Clay
Sale price$6.50


Possibly the best lead clip on the market, this lets you ditch the lead and save your catch when it gets snagged. It’s reliable, easy to set up and comes in a choice of colours.

Ditches the Lead, Saves the Catch

The Hybrid Lead Clip helps you ditch the lead if the fish is snagged, so you can easily land a fish in weedy, snaggy conditions. The ring swivel is integrally moulded so it can’t pull free from its housing. This forces lead ejection if it gets jammed.

Easy to Use

Quick and easy to set up, the streamlined, one-piece design has no fiddly locking pegs or hinges. Simply connect the leader to one end of the clip and the rig to the other end. The uprated arm lets you cast leads up to 5oz safely at extreme range.


  • Integrally moulded ring swivel forces lead ejection if it’s jammed
  • Ditches the lead and saves the catch when snagged
  • One-piece design with no locking pegs or hinges
  • Uprated arm lets you cast leads up to 5oz at extreme range

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