Guru Impact Bomb

Size: 1.5oz (43g) - Pack of 2
Sale price£4.75


The Impact Bomb is a flat, pear-shaped lead with a cage you can push bait into. This keeps it in situ during the cast. It gives your bait a Method-type presentation, but it releases first on impact with the water and then gradually creates a column of food from the surface to the lakebed.

Depending on the length of your hook, most of the bait you push into the Impact Bomb can stay close to your hookbait. You can fill the cage of the Impact Bomb with Method mix or dampened pellets to deliver a scent trail close to your rig.

The Impact Bomb comes in four different sizes: 2/3oz, 1.1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz. This covers everything from flicking a lead down the margins to fishing at longer range, or holding bottom on slow flowing rivers. The shape and weight-forward design also means it has a long, accurate cast. The Impact Bomb is also less susceptible to catching a crosswind than conventional Method feeders.

The Guru ‘commercial camo’ coating makes it less visible. The Impact Bomb also comes with a swivel attachment, making it suitable for use with a variety of different set ups, including on a lead clip, running on the main line or on a paternoster.

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