Korda Infuza Glug Pot

Size: Large
Sale price£6.49


This pot serves the dual purpose of coating your hookbaits while saving glug. The two are separated by a slotted tray, and when you shake the durable pot, the bait gets an even coating and dries while the excess liquid drains off to be used later.

Preserves Glug & Coats Bait Perfectly

The Infuza allows excess liquid to drain from the surface of the hookbait for an even coating. You can then leave your bait to dry without having to remove it from the pot. The internal tray is removable, so you can take it out to wash each part of the pot.

Easy to Use

The internal tray holds the baits above the glug, then coats the bait when you shake the pot. The rest of the liquid bait drains into the base of the pot, so the bait isn’t left soaking for too long and the glug stays in the pot to be used later, instead of dripping onto the ground.

Good Build Quality

Korda built the Infuza from a robust plastic, knowing the pot will be shaken a lot with boilies rattling inside. The non-leak screw top lid ensures you won’t splash yourself with liquid bait while glugging, and that excess liquid won’t seep out on the drive home.


  • Stores glug in the base of the potKorda
  • Stores bait in a slotted, removable tray above the glug
  • Coats the bait by shaking the pot
  • Drains excess liquid bait to be reused
  • Lets bait dry without oversaturating in glug
  • Made from a robust plastic
  • Non-leak screw top lid

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