Korda Interceptor Surface Floats

Size: 80g
Sale price$9.04


The colour of these inline floats has been carefully selected to make them as visible as possible from above the surface, so that the angler can see them as clearly as possible, but at the same time are almost invisible to carp below the surface.

They are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being just 5g which is perfect for flicking baits out close to the bank but where freelining won't give you the casting accuracy or line control that you need.

One feature that is a bit different is the quick-change system that allows you to quickly switch from one size of float to another, simply by sliding it off of your main line and using the specially designed quick-change swivel. This is perfect if the fish suddenly move out of range, or drift close in and you don't want to be crashing a heavy controller near them.

These floats are incredibly buoyant and the inline stem helps to prevent tangles, with a soft insert used to house the quick-change system.

The 5g version is perfect in situations where the fish are very close to the bank but you want better casting accuracy and line control than you would get by freelining. The 15g and 30g floats are great all-rounders, and for anything at longer range, the 50g and 80g Interceptors are ideal.

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