Saenger IRON CLAW Magnetic Bait Spray

Style: Pike Spray
Sale price£7.99


Tested on a variety of waters, this water-soluble spray gives your natural baits and artificial lures an extra advantage. Iron Claw Magnetic Baitspray stimulates the feeding sensation for predator fish, with different formulas targeting either Pike or Zander.

Excellent Performance

This water-soluble spray offers excellent adhesion and, with a high concentration of 1:2000, irresistible attraction on the prey, stimulating the feeding sensation.

Boosts Natural & Artificial Baits

Made for natural baits, this spray also works on artificial lures, making them more attractive to predator fish than an untreated lure.

Effective on Many Swims

Saenger’s product manager and in-house predator specialist Jens Franke tested this bait spray and had great catching success in many different waters.


  • Water-soluble bait spray
  • Effective on natural baits and artificial lures
  • Excellent adhesion
  • 1:2,000 concentration
  • Stimulates the feeding sensation
  • 100ml (3.5 US fl oz)
  • Pike and Zander versions

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