Korda Kamakura Choddy Barbed Pack of 10

Size: Size 8
Sale price£7.49


These might be the sharpest barbed hooks on the market, with an amazingly consistent manufacturing process that means you won’t get any poorly finished ones in the pack. The wax coating on the tip keeps it undamaged, and it’s easy to remove when you’re ready to cast.

The Most Consistently Sharp Hooks Available

Kamakura hooks are sharpened post production to an extremely high tolerance, so you don’t need to sharpen them before use. Each hook point is consistent, with each one featuring the same super sharpness.

A Great Pattern for Chod & Stiff Rigs

This hook pattern is designed for fluorocarbon and stiff monofilament hook links. It’s perfect for use with Hinged Stiff and Chod rigs, but the out turned eye also makes it popular for zig rigs.

Unique Protective Wax Coating

A wax coating on the sharpened part of the point covers the tip, keeping them in the best possible condition. Simply push the wax coating off before casting out to get the sharpest hook possible.


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