Korda Kickers Pack of 10

Size: Bloodworm Red Large
Sale price£4.49


Kickers are essentially shrink tubes that you don’t have to shrink. These shaped rubber sleeves slide over your hook to improve rig mechanics and make the rig look neat for a better presentation.

Easy Set Up

Korda Kickers mimic shrink tube kickers, but don’t need to be steamed and shaped. Instead, you just slip them over the eye of the hook and they hold themselves in place.

Better Presentation

Sliding on a Kicker is the quickest and easiest way to neaten your rig. The brown and green colour choices will blend into most lakebeds to make your presentation even more subtle.

Improved Rig Mechanics

Your rig can now flip, turn and catch aggressively in the fish’s mouth for a better hookhold. Using Kickers, you can achieve this without bending the hook, which often damages the fish’s mouth.

Durable Material

The robust rubber straightens when the fish is hooked and then returns to its original shape afterwards. This material not only fits tight to your rig, but also makes each Kicker reusable.


  • Shrink tubing that doesn’t need steaming or shaping
  • Improves presentation and hooksets
  • Reusable
  • Medium fits hooks sized 8 to 6
  • Large fits hooks sized 4 to 2
  • Available in brown or green
  • Also available for D rigs

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