Korda Spinner Hook Sections Spinner Barbless & Micro Barbed

Size: Size 4 Barbless
Sale price£4.99


These Korda ready-constructed hook sections for the popular spinner rig take all the time and effort out of making them yourself. All you need to do is crimp the ring swivel onto a stiff hook link material such as Boom – or tie them on if using a coated braid to form a more supple boom – tie on a hookbait, and you’re ready to cast out.

They are constructed using either the new Spinner hook or the popular Krank and Kurv Shank hooks - so you can choose your favourite pattern. Regardless of hook-pattern, they come complete with a Spinner Swivel and a Kicker which ensures the rig sits at the perfect angle.

Each Spinner Hook Section has a Micro Rig Swivel already mounted on the shank, plus a Hook Bead set at the optimum position. If the hook becomes blunt you can easily switch it for a fresh one as ten Hook Beads are also included in the packet.

- Ready constructed Spinner Rig hook sections
- Simply crimp to a boom material
- Choice of Spinner, Krank or Kurv Shank hooks
- Three per pack

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