Korda Kore Kombat Boots Brown

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The NEW Kombat Boots were designed by Danny Fairbrass to replicate the high end walking boots that he had previously worn for fishing, but with the inclusion of some extra features to make them perfect for anglers, and without such a hefty price tag.

They have been designed with comfort and functionality in mind, as well as looking the part on the bank. They have excellent waterproofing qualities, which is essential when walking through wet grass or putting your foot into shallow water or puddles, as wet feet quickly become cold and can ruin your session. The soles have been designed with grip and durability in mind, and the tread offers superb purchase on the types of surfaces that you are likely to encounter whilst out fishing and will help prevent you from slipping over.

The Kombat Boots are also great for walking longer distances in, providing support but without being rigid, and you will hardly even feel that you have them on! Many walking boots can be difficult to get on and off quickly, but these have been designed specifically with the angler in mind and open wide so that they can be quickly slipped on when you get a bite in the middle of the night. Another issue with some walking boots is that the laces keep on coming undone, which not only means that you have to keep stopping to re-tie them, but also means they drag through the mud, as well as potentially tripping you up, but the Kombat Boots have a flat lace design to help ensure that doesn’t happen and they stay done up securely.

Danny Fairbrass explained: “They’re styled on a high fashion walking boot that I bought in Italy some years ago for a lot more money than these ones are. They’re leather uppers, they’ve got a waterproof membrane inside them, so you can stand in the water if you want to. People always say are they warm –no they’re not warm, because they aren’t meant to be, as they are meant to be waterproof and have a good grip, but wearing them with a combination of our waterproof and merino socks will keep your feet warm inside them.”

Note: When buying, make sure that you consider the socks that you will be wearing with them, as you may need a larger size when wearing thick ones.

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