Mainline Baits Match Luncheon Meat 340g

Color: Yellow - Scopex & Pineapple
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Luncheon meat has been used as bait for as long as it’s existed. Even now, when boilies and pellets fail, a lot of anglers get better luck using the meat from their own sandwich. Mainline’s trademark colours and attractants are infused into luncheon meat that they’ve produced at the perfect texture for any fishing bait presentation.

Thoroughly Designed

Mainline spent 18 months developing this range, using 6 of their best formulas from the past 30+ years. They finally achieved an even penetration and distribution of these flavours and attractors. Because of that, the meat maintains its optimum texture.

The Perfect Texture

The perfectly balanced texture of the Luncheon Meat is tough enough to stay on the hook for long periods, while still soft enough to release a stream of attractors and, vitally, not impede the strike.

Many Presentation Options

Chop, punch or tear it into the right shape and size for any presentation, including hair rigs, straight hooked, punched or even riddled. The MAP Meat Cutter can cut cubes of any size and the Guru Punch Box will make balls between 6-12mm.

Mainline Baits Luncheon Meat Flavours

Available in 340 gram (12oz) tins, Mainline’s Meat Luncheon comes in these 6 flavour/colour combinations:

Spicy Meat – Brown: this is a natural-looking dark brown, with a flavour combination that many anglers will appreciate, since it’s already popular to add spices like cinnamon, paprika and curry powder to bait meat.

Scopex Pineapple – Yellow: made for the summer, but capable all year round. This combination of N-butyric acid and pineapple gives the meat a ‘sour cream on fruit’ taste that’s captivated fish for years when used in liquids and boilies.

Halibut – Green: this variant plays on the fish’s hunting instincts by giving them the familiar scent of halibut with a murky green colour that looks completely at home underwater.

Betaine Enhanced – Neutral: probably the most natural-looking and natural-tasting of Mainline’s Luncheon Meats. The pale, unassuming colour is paired with concentrated sugar beet. This is the better choice for wary fish who are bite-shy or overly familiar with hi-vis, high flavour baits.

Activ-8 – Orange: arguably Mainline’s marquee flavour, with 8 active ingredients plus one other activating ingredient that sends out feeding signals to the fish. Along with the bright orange colour, this variation is designed to spark a feeding frenzy.

Strawberry – Red: like most other strawberry flavoured bait, this is designed for the summer, but works in any season. The high leakage and blood red colour are meant to draw attention and provoke big strikes.

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