Korda N Trap Soft

Size: 20lb Gravel Brown
Sale price£14.99


Although the original Hybrid hook links had many followers, the Korda product development team thought that it could be bettered. The resulting product, Korda N Trap Soft, is the culmination of two and a half years of development and testing.

So, why is Korda N Trap the best coated material on the market? Well, it features a tough, matte coating that is easy to strip yet won't split when tightened down and the rugged Dyneema braid inner is a much better colour match for the coating than other hook links.

Following the proven Safezone camo principle, Korda have released the N Trap in three colours: Weedy Green, Silt and Gravel Brown. Of course, the colours have been chosen with Korda's longstanding underwater experience to closely match the conditions that you'll find on your waters.

Korda N Trap is hugely versatile, lending itself perfectly to a whole host of presentations. Try it with the KD or Muzza rig, the Multi Rig, or Danny Fairbrass' favourite blow-back rig with a Mixa hook. Korda N Trap has already found its way into many tackle boxes both here and in Europe, so join the coated-braid revolution and get on it!

Korda N Trap Soft is also available in Semi Stiff.

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