Nash Pinpoint Fang X Micro Barbed Carp Hooks Pack of 10

Size: Size 7 - Pack of 10
Sale price£4.99


The collaboration between Marc Voosen’s Pinpoint and the famous Nash Fang has produced the most advanced, sharpest barbless hook range yet, available in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 (barbless also available). The Fang X is made to give you a better hook hold.

Marc used his experience to help develop the Nash Pinpoint Fang X. These barbed hooks use CARBIDE 617, the latest technology in carbon steel alloys. This makes the hooks 50% stronger, yet lighter than other leading Nash patterns.

The Fang X is perfect for carp fishing, and many anglers will prefer this barbed option because hooks with a barb are often less likely to slip.


  • Made with Pinpoint advanced manufacturing and materials
  • Stronger, sharper and lighter than its closest competitors
  • Curved shank and 20 degree downturned eye for anti-eject performance and better hookholds
  • Versatile for almost any presentation

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