Nash Pinpoint Twister Micro Barbed Carp Hooks Pack of 10

Size: Size 7 - Pack of 10
Sale price$5.63


This collaboration between Marc Voosen’s Pinpoint and the famous Nash Fang hooks gives big carp hunters the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet.

Advanced Manufacturing

These hooks use CARBIDE 617, a carbon steel alloy that makes them 50% stronger yet lighter than other leading Nash patterns.

Cutting Edge 'Twister' Pattern

Built with point design and presentation in mind, the wide gape square bend pattern offers fast turning, while the downturned eye allows aggressive hooking mechanics.


  • CARBIDE 617 carbon steel alloy for strength and lightness
  • Wide gape square bend pattern
  • Downturned eye
  • Fast turning
  • Aggressive hooking mechanics
  • Pack of 10
  • Micro barbed (barbless also available)

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