Nash R Frame Landing Net Head

Size: R Frame Landing Net Head
Sale price£55.99


The rigid frame of the R Frame Net is the solution when traditional designs with drawstrings are impossible to push through or underneath weed to net carp safely.

Retaining its shape at all times the giant spoon profile net makes boat battles and carp that have become buried in weed much less of a problem.

Despite testing the popular rubberised meshes used in predator nets the Nash team found a regular nylon mesh far easier to move freely in water and also much friendlier to mucus and scales when a carp was netted.

Complete with an enlarged base panel so as not to constrict fish or damage fins and a finer grade mesh in the base the R-Frame Net is a perfect combination of practicality and protection.

  • 88cm (L) v 72cm (W) x 88cm (D)

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