Korda Rig Rings Pack of 20

Size: X-Small
Sale price£3.99


The engineered edges and Teflon coating make these rings silky smooth, enhancing the effectiveness of any rig that uses a ring.

New Presentation Options

These rings are specially designed to help the angler create a variety of different rigs. They can slide onto the hook shank to make blow back rigs or you can use them to mount baits onto D-rigs.

Quality Engineering

Finished in a non-reflective black to aid concealment, these rings won’t give themselves away to your catch. The smooth edges and Teflon coating prevent the rings from cutting into your rig and shortening the life of your tackle.


  • Rings for making a variety of rig presentations
  • Smooth edges and Teflon coating
  • Non-reflective black finish

Korda Rig Rings Size Guide

Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
Medium 2.33mm 3.57mm
Small 2.00mm 3.13mm
Micro / X-Small 1.38mm 2.41mm

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