Solar Tackle Pro Loc 3 Rod Stainless Buzz Bars

Size: Medium 3 Rod - 22 to 34cm
Sale price£59.99


The Pro-Loc Buzzer Bars take their name from Solar's own P1 high-grip, 5-spoke thumbscrews that, due to our special mechanism, cannot fall out.

They also feature our original Pozi-Loc alignment system with the now well known P1 5 spoke designer handle for easy and secure tightening and removing or alarms etc.

Milled flats on each inner piece eliminate movement during extension and 3/8" BSF threads mean they are compatible with all alarms and backrests.

Plus, the premium stainless steel construction and solar design ensure the Pro-Loc buzzer bars will last a lifetime. That's why we engrave the Solar logo on it.

  • Precision engineered, designed and manufactured in the UK 
  • Width adjustment with stainless steel Pro-Loc thumbscrew
  • 3/8" BSF thread compatible with all Solar banksticks and most others
  • Solar Pozi-Loc nuts for a perfect fit Buzzer Bar and Backrest Alignment
  • Engraved Solar logo

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