Spomb Mini Bait Dispenser

Size: Mini - White
Sale price£10.99


The mini Spombs, in black and white, can be used on any rod.

Minimum disturbance, so great for topping up your baited area.

Due to the smaller diameter and length, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter or are restricted by length.

Technical Information:

Weight 7/8th of an ounce (approx. 25 grams), maximum weight fully loaded 3 ounces (approx 85 grams)

Length – 160 cm, width 43mm across body and 56mm across hinge. Recommend - tie direct to line, any rod.

Midi and large versions also available.

For all Spombs it is recommended they are stored in banded position.

For extreme weather conditions, strong wind and rain into your face, you can turn the front button 180° for stronger latch.

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