Saenger Steel Wire Kit 7x7 Strand

Size: 6kg - 10m
Sale price£6.49


The Saenger Steel Wire Kit includes 10 metres of steel leader and 10 matching crimps. The leader is made from 7 strands of steel, each with 7 wires. This gives you extra protection from fierce biting fish.

Strong Steel

Steel gives your line better protection from rocks and snags, as well as strong predator fish with sharp teeth.

7 Strands with 7 Wires

This is the 7x7 version, meaning it’s made from 7 strands of steel with 7 wires in each strand. This wire also comes in 1x7 and 1x19 versions.

High Breaking Strains

The Saenger Steel Wire comes in a choice of breaking strains:

  • 6kg (13lb 4oz)
  • 9kg (19lb 14oz)
  • 12kg (26lb 7oz)
  • 15kg (33lb 1oz)
  • 18kg (39lb 11oz)


  • 10 metres (32’10”) of steel wire for fishing leaders
  • 10 matching crimps
  • 7x7 strand wire construction (1x7 and 1x19 versions also available)

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