Dinsmores Twin Cut Non Toxic Shot

Size: 7 Dispenser: SSG AAA BB 1 4 6 8
Sale price£9.99


This might be the most popular sinker on the market. If you’re using a sinker rig, you’ll find that each of these shots opens, slides onto the line and closes with ease. Because it’s non-toxic, you can use it in areas that have banned lead.

Easy to Use

This easy open, easy close shot has a locating fingernail divot for easy opening. After sliding the shot onto the line, simply squeeze it shut with your fingers. Because these sinkers are super soft, this process is easy and pain-free.

Hangs Centrally

A twin cut means this shot has a shallow cut in one side and a deeper cut on the other side. So if you lay the line on the bottom of the deep cut, the shot always hangs centrally. This gives you a well-balanced, tangle-free rig.

Environmentally Safe

More and more fisheries have banned the use of lead fishing tackle, while the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association is trying to phase out lead use altogether. Because this shot is non-toxic, you’ll be able to use it anywhere.


  • Twin-cut shot
  • Super soft
  • Easy to open and close
  • Slides easily on line
  • Hangs centrally
  • Non-toxic

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