Guru Waggler Converters

Size: 3.2g (2SSG) - Pack of 2
Sale price£4.49


Designed to easily and fully shot unleaded floats, Guru Waggler Converters push easily onto the soft sleeve of almost all Guru floats, and are shaped to allow for accurate, unimpeded casting.

A swivel base insert allows for easy connection to a Waggler Adaptor, and the Converters are available in a range of sizes, so you can fully tailor your fishing.

  • Easy to use push on weight
  • Designed to fully shot an unloaded float
  • Insert the waggler base peg into the soft sleeve for secure fitting
  • Shaped for accurate casting
  • Swivel in base for connecting to mainline/waggler adaptor
  • Available in 2ssg (3.2g), 3ssg (4.4g), 4ssg (6.5g) sizes
  • Ideal for use with Guru Foam Wagglers
  • As well as all other unloaded floats

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