Nash Zig Floats

Size: Small
Sale price£8.99


Nash’s Zig Float feeds hookbait up or down through the water column, quickly showing you the depth carp are swimming at, all without you needing to tie different links. It comes with a black and an orange site band, along with a speed clip for quickly removing and altering leads.

Excellent Construction

Shaped for accurate casting and maximum buoyancy, the rigid stem holds the lead and float together in flight for maximum distance, all with fewer tangles.

Comes with 2 Site Bands

This float comes with a black and a high-vis orange rubber collar. Switching to the orange collar lets you makes the hookbait clearly visible before the rig is adjusted accurately downwards.

Includes a Speed Clip

The supplied speed clip lets you remove leads between sessions and alter them quickly for different venues and swims. This offers you a whole new dimension for presentation.


  • 1 zig float in a choice of small or large
  • 2 collars/site bands – 1 black, 1 orange
  • 1 speed clip

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